About Us

WaterEx (an ISO 9001-2015 co.) is a leader in the production and supply of Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals. Our ranges of products are used by national and international clients. Our extensive product range includes

  • Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Raw Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

Our product range are efficiently useful for water treatment applications to prevent corrosion, contamination and the buildup of harmful deposits and in production process to develop procedure competence, lengthen asset life and quality for our customer.

Our widely used water treatment chemicals are anticipant (scale inhibitor), anticorrosion (corrosion inhibitor), ph booster (alkalinity builder), anti-foulants, bio-dispersant, biocides, oxygen scavenger, multifunctional water treatment chemical, coagulant & flocculent (waste water treatment chemical), color removal chemical (waste water treatment chemical) and many more depending on mottled application in water treatment method.

We assist our customers reduce energy, water and other natural resource expenditure and minimize environmental release at the same time as boosting the bottom line. Our complete water treatment solutions, supply to the sustainable expansion of client operations.

We offer superiority in water treatment chemical products as well as technical support and consultation to develop water treatment system capability. This includes discussing water treatment associated problem or issues, to put together a water treatment plan, on condition that product data and information on the water treatment products required for the application.

WaterEx is a company that offers the superfluous service and proficiency to resolve problems and meet the needs of our clients for their water treatment systems. In the course of our obligation to explore and progress actions we create innovative products with efficient technical hold and logistics merit, we are talented to carry major benefits to our clientele across a wide range of industrial water treatment, commercial water treatment, municipal water treatment & governmental water treatment sectors.


Set a benchmark by being the topmost leading company by 2020.


To build clean water and environment with supplementary resourceful operations for global companies and work towards saving capital resource, human resource and natural resources.

Core Values

WaterEx is essentially water treatment chemical manufacturing company. Our core values are central theme, which defines our history in the field. Our principles are the guidelines to shape the future of our company.


Business done on the basis of honest commitments and preset rules is our priority and recognition.


Human resource is values at the highest dignity.


Prompt services and good relationship builds bonds with our clients.


We work efficiently to earn the satisfaction of our clients by providing best of services within time limits expected.


Our efficiency and upgrading standards are always tested. We accommodating and share our knowledge for acquiring best efficiency and set high standards.