WaterEx Services

WaterEx is a manufacturer and supplier of water treatment chemicals, equipments and plants. Above these products, we also offer services related to it as well. To be specific, services regarding consultancy, lab testing, maintenance and other required support to ensure proper and complete delivery. WaterEx also has technicians and researchers on board who can assist in operations, maintenance and troubleshooting related to the water treatment systems.

WaterEx Chemicals provide you with end to end services. Be it in case of an emergency or a regular service required, WaterEx does not back out.We mould as per your requirements, create products and custom tailored services as asked for.


Each product requires testing before usage or installation. Testing is crucial to determine the product requirements or the size of installation capacity. Therefore, WaterEx provides consultants for such testing, especially for potable and industrial water treatment plants. If the requirement is there, we also train our technicians for in house set up and testing.


Our engineering capacities are beyond comparison. We are capable to cater to vast variety of industries by our experienced engineers. Due to the acumen that our engineers we have been able to create and deliver unmatched products with qualitative services, economical prices and above all building a foundation of ethical practices that is visible with our services.

Laboratory Testing

The customer believes what it sees,our laboratory testing services are also flexible to the customers' requirements. We offer onsite testing where our team of engineers and technicians help identify the problem, test the problem for confirmation and provide with the best possible alternatives. Standards are very important in such businesses, therefore we also take these into consideration so that the customer does not face any issues nationally or internationally. Even before the delivery, our products are tested in our latest laboratory which helps us give precise and better results during delivery. The quality provided from WaterEx, can guarantee ISO Certification which provides the acceptance and approval of the systems ready for use.


Monitoring and control is important for a continuous development and working of the systems. Therefore WaterEx provide the customers with the facility of troubleshooting. Such services are much required especially for cooling and boiling systems, in petrochemical, fertilizer, steel, refineries and thermal power industries. Achieving customer satisfaction and support is the foundation of this service.