RO Parts and Equipment

The quality and supply of a product depends upon the prerequisites of the manufacturing itself. To maintain the quality and the industry standards, we take each step seriously, from purchasing the raw materials to testing and sales. Each equipment can be sold due to the quality. Thus we offer all types of RO equipments and spare parts, catering to for households, offices and even industries.

In case of spare parts, we test the equipments before reaching the varied target markets. The design of the product is to smartly engineered for the target consumer, so that it is easy for installation, use and maintenance. WaterEx assures the optimum performance and reliability of these products after testing only.


  • ~ Designs as per the customer market.
  • ~ Easy to install and maintain.
  • ~ Easy to change, clean and Adjust as per need.
  • ~ Handy to use.
  • ~ Engineered keeping in mind the ergonomics.
  • ~ Optimum performance.
  • ~ Long life.
  • ~ Cost Effective purchase.

We offer following types of Equipments and Spare Parts:

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