R. O. Maintenance Service

It is correctly said that precaution is always better than cure, therefore a company must always ensure regular water maintenance even before there is a sign of a problem.

WaterEx provides a proper schedule for following such a prevention planning. The maintenance agreement helps you to makes sure that the process of Reverse Osmosis is functioning as required and that its process is optimised to the utmost level. WaterEx allows customisation is the maintenance schedule, so as to facilitate the processes of the customer organisation.

Along with WaterEx's reverse osmosis maintenance services we assist in operations and monitoring the company. Our staff is well trained to cater to varied industries with the operations and troubleshooting as in when required. Not only that we also help you to prepare a performance evaluation of the system, and by this way the processes are managed at both ends.

Preventative Maintenance options include:

WaterEx's preventive maintenance option for pretreatment system includes the following:

  • Multimedia filters/carbon filters/RO pre-filters.
  • Microfiltration units.
  • Chemical feed pump calibration.
  • Chemical tank replenishment, E.g. Antiscalants, coagulants for depth filters, chloramine reducers etc.

WaterEx's Preventive maintenance options for Reverse Osmosis include the following:

  • Collection of data and analysis thereon.
  • Cleaning and calibration of the critical sensors.
  • Cleaning of the membrane of the system.
  • All of these depending upon the data calculations, prior to the further processes.

WaterEx's maintenance options for post treatment of the RO system is as follows:

  • Deionizers
  • Storage tanks
  • Ultraviolet sterilizers
  • Calibration of quality instruments
  • And regular system sanitization

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