Water Softening Plant

Water softening is a process of removing hard substances so that the lifespan of the system in improved and increased. The presence of a few salts as calcium and magnesium cause the hardness of water, and when such cations are removed from the system the water is softened. There on this soft water could be used in feed water boiler(low and medium pressures), Laundry, RO Systems etc.

With a strong team's support WaterEx's Softener plant has been acclaimed for the following:

  • ~ Rigorous structure and design.
  • ~ Higher Efficiency and accuracy.
  • ~ Smooth functionality leading to customer satisfaction.


  • ~ The materials used for building is FRP or SS or MSRL or MS.
  • ~ WaterEx Water Softener Plant is designed as per ASME.
  • ~ A collection of systems designed methodically.
  • ~ The resultant quality of water could be reused.
  • ~ For various other uses the reuse time is appropriate.
  • ~ Greater replacement of the cations of Calcium and Magnesium.


  • ~ Industrial Processing of Water.
  • ~ Hospital and Laundry.
  • ~ Automobile Industries.
  • ~ Domestic Applications.
  • ~ Pretreatment of water.
  • ~ Boilers and Cooling units in industries.

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