Waste Water Treatment Chemical Supplier

To separate the coagulation and flocculation of the processes of waster water treatments, the solution is to separate suspended solids from water. Both terms 'Coagulation' and 'Flocculation' seem to be used interchangeably but its safe to differentiate and acquire the details of the variation in both processes. Finely dispersed solids (colloids) suspended in wastewaters are stabilized by negative electric charges on their surfaces, causing them to repel each other. This bans the charged particles from colliding to form larger masses, called flocs and restricts it to settle.

To assist in the removal of colloidal particles from suspension, chemical coagulation and flocculation are necessary. These processes are a amalgamation of physical and chemical procedures. Chemicals are mixed with wastewater to promote the aggregation of the suspended solids into large particles to settle or be removed.