DM (Demineralisation) Plant

Demineralisation of Water, as the name suggests is the removal of minerals from the water as calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, nitrate, bicarbonates etc. WaterEx's Demineralisation plant is a very strong and well built design. Demineralisation is also called deionisation as the mentioned mineral salts; ions are removed through a process of exchange. The ions that are meant to be removed are replaced with radicals loosely held by resin (a particular type) that could pass through water. The water passes through various paths so that the ions of the minerals are removed in the process, this way the water is demineralised. This methodology is the one with the most effective results and is thus accepted by the industries.


  • ~ WaterEx Water Softener Plant is designed as per ASME/IS.
  • ~ The materials used for building is FRP or MSRL or MS.
  • ~ It has been designed so that energy is saved and is economical.
  • ~ Requires less installation time as the assembly is done beforehand.
  • ~ A simple structure and organisation eases the processes as well as maintainance.
  • ~ WaterEx has designed the system in a way so as to make distribution and collection system easy.
  • ~ As per the customer's requirement we can implement either manual or automatic control panel.


  • ~ Polishing of water after treatment.
  • ~ Varied Industrial usage.
  • ~ Processing and treatment of water.
  • ~ RO Plants.

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