Industrial RO Plant

WaterEx provides with medium and small capacity RO plant sizes. The plants are structures and designed under complete supervision of the technical and industrial supervisors. RO installation, leads to dependable services on our end for a comparatively more time than other companies. For accuracy of results, i.e. testing, a proper integration process is followed at WaterEx.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) is a method of water purification. To understand the process let us first look at the osmosis process. Osmosis is a physical process where a solvent moves across a semipermeable membrane i.e. permeable for the solvent not the solute, thus separating two solutions of different concentrations. Now Reverse Osmosis is where an applied pressure is used to reverse the osmosis process leading to removal of a large majority of contaminants from the water. Where osmosis is a natural process, reverse osmosis helps purify the water as it pushes the solvent with greater pressure to move from one region of high solute concentration to a region of low solute concentration through a semipermeable membrane.

With a strong team's support our RO plant has been acclaimed for the following:

  • ~ Rigorous structure and design.
  • ~ Higher Efficiency and accuracy.
  • ~ Smooth assembling and processes.
  • ~ Less detection of foulants.
  • ~ Membrane replacement duration is longer.
  • ~ Reliability and Durability of the system.
  • ~ Greater recovery of permeate leading to customer satisfaction.


  • ~ A system that is easy to handle and use.
  • ~ The range of plant starts from 0.25 to 50 KLPH.
  • ~ The materials used for building is FRP or SS or MSRL.
  • ~ The plant does not require different monitoring of controlling system, as it is inbuilt.
  • ~ The plant purifies the water and restores the quality with better recovery.
  • ~ The Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) test proves better results after processing.
  • ~ The incorporation of pre filtration makes a wholesome product.
  • ~ The membrane of the system is restored and foulants are removed.


  • ~ Drinking Water and Polishing Treated Water.
  • ~ Industrial processes and appliances.
  • ~ Maunfacturing.
  • ~ Boiler Feed water.
  • ~ Laboratories and hospitals.
  • ~ Zero Liquid Discharge.
  • ~ Zero Liquid Discharge.

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